VELA Tango 100E


VELA Tango is a series of chairs developed to enable the user to keep the usual level of activity and independence at home and at the workplace - despite disability.

The electrical height adjustment makes it possible, e.g., for people with mobility problems to get up and sit down on their own or reach the top cupboard while sitting in the chair. A unique central brake ensures that the user has a stable workplace, which means, that working in the kitchen with knives or boiling water is safe.
The VELA mobility chair is well suited for people with disabilities. The chair provides safety and stability during everyday activities, which applies to rehabilitation and training, as well as to activities at home or at the workplace.
The office chair with brake and electric lift can be raised and lowered steplessly by means of the electrical height adjustment. Users who have less strength or movement, e.g. arthritis, can avoid painful bumps and jolts when getting up and sitting down.
The seat's electrical height adjustment improves the work position for the assistant. The user can be placed high, e.g. while getting dressed, or placed low at the same level as the bed or the chair for easy transfer.
The chair has smoothly running wheels and plenty of room for the feet. This means that the user can easily 'walk' the chair while sitting down and move around without assistance.
Adjustment of the seat height, depth and tilt plus backrests and armrests ensures the optimum conditions for an ergonomic sitting position. All functions can be adjusted with the user sitting in the chair

Stepless, electrical height adjustment of the seat
provides gentle, safe changing of the sitting height for people with, e.g., arthritis, walking-impairment, sclerosis or Parkinson's disease.
The stable frame and the central brake
ensure safety when the user is getting into and out of the chair.
Stable and supporting disability chair for adults at home
for everyday tasks, e.g., in the kitchen.
It is possible to 'walk' the chair while sitting down

Sit to stand chairs with electric lift
At VELA, we make chairs that help people with disabilities to have a better and more independent way of life. Disabilities often have a big impact on how you live your life. We want to contribute to a good life.