Fitform Wellness Premium 614

Comfort & Design

This modern, swiveling wellness armchair with open armrests offers optimal seating comfort. The armchair has a cover upholstery with softer materials and is also covered a little more loosely. This creates additional comfort paired with a casual look.

The armrests uniquely follow the body during the adjustment movements. If desired, this armchair can of course - in addition to leather - also be supplied with a fabric cover.

The Fitform Wellness Premium 614 has a Sensotouch button operation under the armrest, which reacts easily and immediately to your touch.

The armrest supports on the front can be made either in the cover of the armchair or as a round stainless steel variant.

Standard Dimensions

  • Seat height made to measure 41-53 cm
  • Tailored seat depth 43-45-47-49-51-53 cm
  • Armrest height made to measure 16-27 cm
  • Seat width 51 cm
  • Backrest height 76 cm
  • Average height (depending on seat height) 120 cm
  • Total depth of the armchair 80 cm
  • Total width of the armchair 75 cm
  • Average length with max. Lying position 170 cm