Wellness armchair center

Fitform Wellness Collection

Fitform as the specialist has set itself the task of developing individual solutions that are tailored to people's needs. Every Fitform wellness armchair is manufactured according to your body measurements. The optimal seat height, seat depth and armrest height are determined for this. Each armchair is also equipped with an inflatable and height-adjustable lumbar support. You can choose and change your sitting, relaxing, resting or standing positions according to your mood or needs. Up to three motors ensure that you can adjust the backrest, footrest, tilt adjustment and (if desired) stand-up aid separately from each other.

Our company philosophy - these guiding principles determine our actions.

Dear customers, our daily work is characterized by responsible action in all business matters. In doing so, we are guided by some irrefutable rules and principles - they are the basis of our Neubauer company philosophy.

  • we love our work and like to do it. We know how important such a positive attitude is for our customers. That is why we take the time we need for the individual wishes and concerns of our customers.

  • You dear customer are the focus of our actions. That is why we always do our best to identify your needs and to advise you competently and professionally. So customer satisfaction is not just lip service.

  • We look forward to seeing you and are always happy to give you a smile. Smiling conveys joy and acceptance, because you should feel comfortable with us.

  • One of our highest demands is the quality of the products we offer. That is why we always select our suppliers carefully and taking into account a wide variety of criteria.

  • We guarantee that you, as our customer, will always get the best price / performance ratio.

  • We only recommend the solutions and products that meet your individual needs and only to the extent that you really need. Together and in dialogue, we will always find an optimal solution.

  • In our consultations and planning, we actively involve you in our work - without exerting any pressure to buy. You therefore always have an influence on every planning step for your facility.

  • We pay attention to even the smallest details, because we know that they all have an effect on customer satisfaction.

  • We are there for you - even outside of regular business hours. In emergencies or when things have to be done really quickly. As a Möbel Neubauer customer, you have a right to this.

  • We are always open to constructive criticism or suggestions - we learn from them for the future.

  • We look forward to customers who tell us what they particularly liked and who also pass this on to others as a recommendation.
  • This offer is only valid for FitForm armchairs: For sick people, immobile seniors and very old people, we can also come to you within 150 km of Nuremberg