Sit ergonomically "appropriately

Sit ergonomically "appropriately" - in easy chairs from the FitForm wellness collection Most of the time, people do what they were not actually made for: they sit - whether in their professional life, their leisure time or in a wide variety of modes of transport. Especially in the home, however, it is often unsuitable upholstered furniture that does not allow a natural sitting position, disturbs well-being and causes back problems. The originally hoped for relaxation while sitting is not achieved. On the other hand, a tense back or tense muscles of the cervical spine or the entire shoulder area plague. In fact, a bad sitting position demands far more work from the human muscles than a continuous constant load on the entire musculoskeletal system. FitForm wellness armchairs have been specially developed to prevent such complaints from occurring in the first place. In a FitForm armchair, you will quickly notice how beneficial a custom-made comfort or relaxation armchair can be. FitForm wellness armchairs always offer you contemporary seating ergonomics, a design that matches your living style and a large selection of models that meet your individual requirements. FitForm recliners are particularly easy on your back and legs. But they also impress with a diverse selection of high-quality and easy-care covers made of fabric or leather.

FitForm recliner - the wellness collection for healthy sitting and modern relaxation Möbel Neubauer KG, your authorized dealer for FitForm wellness armchairs, stocks the entire range of models in this product series. Each of these chair models is manufactured exactly according to your previously determined body measurements. In addition, you can choose between motorized or manual adjustment for all model versions. Enjoy the unique tilt adjustment of the FitForm armchair. The backrest and seat tilt backwards comfortably and safely. The seat angle remains unchanged, your back is optimally supported and you do not slip out of the desired sitting position. Numerous extras - depending on your needs, necessities and tastes complete your options. For example, choose the model in your preferred design that matches your style of living or your individual requirements.