fitForm Health Care  570 Vario

fitForm 570 Vario the care armchair during wear processes


Unterschiedliche Ausführungen
Unterschiedliche Ausführungen

The fitform 570 Vario in contemporary style is a booster armchair that can be tailored to your needs. Thanks to the three-motor functionality, room inclination, backrest inclination and legrest raising can be carried out independently of one another with just one push of a button and enable remarkably easy standing. A personal assessment ensures that the chair is tailored to your individual needs in terms of seat height, seat depth, seat width and arm height. Backrest angle can be tilted back to raise the foot.

  • Adjustable integrated lumbar support Multi adjustable integrated headrest
  • Seat height options - between 40 cm and 60 cm
  • Options for the height of the armrest - between 16 cm and 29 cm
  • Seat depth options - 43 cm, 45 cm, 47 cm, 49 cm, 51 cm, 53 cm
  • Seat width options - 63 cm, 69 cm, 75 cm, 81 cm, 87 cm
  • Backrest height - 84cm
  • Side pockets
  • Weight limit: 240 kg


Intelli-Gel® integral pillow *

Transflo pressure relieving seat cushion air positioning and pressure relief system

Electrically heated seat and backrest

Electrically inflatable lumbar support

Electrically adjustable headrest & position memory function

Chrome feet wheels (for seat heights below 47cm)

Wheels (for seat height over 47cm)

Swivel armrest for lateral transfer



Extended legrest (+ 8cm)

Cover: synthetic leather

Cover: velor

Cover: leather

Cover: Niroxx

Mobility kit

Adjustable kyphosis back

Bucket-style back

A wear and tear process is a one-way street. You can't stop it, but you can slow it down. We cannot cure you with a fitForm armchair, but we can make your life easier. Arthrosis is a sign of wear and tear on cartilaginous joint surfaces. Primarily affected are the large joints exposed to the body weight, i.e. the hip and knee joint. The cause of this is, on the one hand, the normal aging process, which leads to the cartilage mass in the joint being reduced and, in the later stages, practically rubbing bone on bone. On the other hand, misalignments of the axis with overloading of individual joint sections, obesity, incorrect positioning (dysplasia) or the consequences of an accident can promote osteoarthritis. Inflammatory rheumatic diseases are mostly chronic diseases of the immune system. They are associated with inflammation of various body tissues and are particularly evident in the locomotor organs. Pain in joints and surrounding tissues, restricted mobility and general symptoms such as fatigue, fever or weight loss are the most important signs, but internal organs (e.g. heart, kidney) can also be affected.

Osteoarthritis in the hand

If the wrist hurts when it is exerted, the wrist is swollen and mobility is restricted. Movements are painful when it comes to sitting down or standing up. Holding the support in this position is then hardly possible without severe pain. This also applies to all other movements. This also applies to moving seating furniture. In the elderly, you are already supplied with various medications. Adding painkillers would also not improve the course of the disease.

Osteoarthritis in the knee

Wear and tear on the knee joint is clearly noticeable: pain when starting to move, sensitivity to the weather, stiff joints and an unsteady gait. As the disease increases, mobility becomes more and more limited and the knee joints hurt even when sitting quietly. With age, the cartilage is rubbed off. The main cause of knee joint wear, known as osteoarthritis, is overwork from hard work, too much exercise and being overweight. However, a lack of movement and congenital malpositions of the knee joint can also lead to premature wear. Considerable predisposition and metabolic diseases favor osteoarthritis.

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Care chair 570 Vario fitForm

The model 570 of the care collection was specially developed for people who have to sit in an adjusted manner. Against back pain and with stand-up function. Experience more freedom and independence with the 570 model. The Fitform armchair model 570 is also a stand-up armchair. It actively supports you when getting out and enables you to get up comfortably. Of course, the model 570 is adjusted to your body measurements. As a specialist dealer, we measure your seat height, seat depth and armrest height. This is the only way to sit healthy and ergonomically correct.

  • Standard seat width 51 cm (optional up to 87 cm)
  • Seat depth adjustable from 43 to 53 cm
  • Seat height adjustable from 40 to 60 cm
  • Armrest height adjustable from 16 to 29 cm
  • Lumbar support adjustable in height and thickness
  • Adjustable top-swing headrest
  • Solutions for many clinical pictures

Foldable side panel

Thanks to a foldable side part, it is easier for wheelchair users to transfer to the armchair. This option is offered manually as well as electrically. For a wheelchair transfer, it is possible to equip the models 560/570/574 with a foldable side panel. The entire side part can simply be folded up to the rear, so that an optimal wheelchair transfer is possible. If it is too difficult to fold up the side panel manually, it is optionally possible to integrate an electrically foldable side panel. The motorized folding up of the side panel is controlled with an additional manual control.

battery pack

The cable lying around in the room is a thing of the past with an electrically adjustable armchair with this optional battery. Depending on how it is used, the battery can be used for days and can be easily recharged afterwards. We recommend a rechargeable battery if the power cord represents a trip hazard or the armchair is constantly being moved over further distances.

Armrest covers / incontinence

Additional armrest covers are available for the Fitform nursing chairs. These are made from the same cover as the armchair and can easily be exchanged. For people who struggle with incontinence and / or excessive sweating, Fitform offers the option of equipping various parts or even the entire armchair with incontinence covering (Niroxx / Stamskin). Alternatively, the armchair can also be equipped with an incontinence mat. This consists of 3 layers (fabric of the armchair / inner fleece / Stamskin), is simply placed on the seat (very flexible) and can be cleaned separately.

Arthrodesis seat

The arthrodesis seat is especially recommended for people with a leg amputation (prosthesis) or a hip / knee brace. If z. If, for example, there is an impaired movement of the knee, whereby the lower leg can only be bent incompletely in connection with the thigh, a lower seat height is often desired for this leg than for the healthy leg. A standard seat will not provide adequate leg support and posture in such a situation. The arthrodesis seat ensures ergonomically correct support for the corresponding leg. If desired, this seat can be made adjustable on the left, right or both sides. When the footrest is extended, the respective height can be adjusted on the underside of the seat (area approx. 8 cm). In combination with the adjustable backrest, the right seat angle can be conveniently provided. When the footrest is extended, the seat surface automatically comes up for good leg support. With the help of the back adjustment, the desired seat angle can be set again at any time.


With the help of the turntable below the armchair, it can be turned 2 x 180 °. The turntable is automatically braked in the stand-up position. In addition, the turntable takes up little space and is barely visible. The turntable is particularly suitable for small rooms and for people who cannot turn their neck / body due to illness. With the help of the turntable below the armchair, it can be turned 2 x 180 °. In order to be able to get up and get in safely, the turntable is automatically blocked in the stand-up position. The turntable cannot be combined with the roller system or the mobility kit.

Electrically inflatable lumbar support

Only in combination with the Topline package! With the help of this option you can, while sitting in the armchair, set the desired support for the lumbar support electrically. If you want to change the air pressure in the inflatable lumbar support regularly, it is now possible to order an electrically inflatable lumbar support in combination with the Topline package. Like the manual version, this lumbar support can also be adjusted in height by hand (behind the zipper on the back of the armchair). The inflation function is controlled with buttons on the Topline hand control.

Electrically adjustable headrest & memory function

Only in combination with the Topline package! By using an additional motor, the headrest (top swing) can be electrically brought into the desired position. With the help of memory buttons on the special hand control, 2 chair positions can be saved. Using the memory function is very easy: Take the desired position and then press the MEM button until you hear a signal. Then press the desired memory button (1 or 2). In order to take up the saved position in the future, all you have to do is press the corresponding save button.

fitMotion, active sitting

Sitting still for long periods is not good for your health. More and more studies come to this conclusion. The saying "Sitting is the new smoking!" is on everyone's lips. So when you are sitting it is important to do this as well as possible. Well supported everywhere, so you can easily change your sitting posture. Existing adjustment options also help. It is best if you alternate between sitting and moving. That is why there is now fitMotion, a revolutionary and intelligent movement system for Fitform armchairs. fitMotion lets you know when it's time to move and keeps you moving when you can't or don't want to.


A special treat in the cold winter months: heating in the seat and back! It is now possible to order seat heating for the cold winter months. The seat and lower back are equipped with heating elements accordingly. The heater operates for 20 minutes at a time, is protected against overheating and meets all required safety standards. The heating is controlled with a separate hand switch located on the opposite side of the normal hand control. The heating is also part of the Topline package. This is controlled with buttons on the Topline manual control.

Hemiplegia armrests

These armrests have been specially developed for people with one-sided paralysis. A common problem for people with hemiplegia is pain in the shoulder, forearm or hand. The individual structure of a hermaphroditic armrest provides optimal support and pain relief. The armrest guide consists of a basic plastic shell and various forms of support. Depending on the individual requirements, there are 3 different shapes to choose from. The Hemiphlegie armrest is mounted on the seat of the Fitform armchair so that it follows a tilt adjustment of the armchair.

Infrared hand control

With this hand control you have the possibility to operate your Fitform armchair wirelessly with the help of infrared technology. The infrared hand control is cordless, has a modern design and can be operated from a distance. "Eye contact" is required between the hand control and the receiver on the armchair. The infrared hand control was designed for the normal domestic environment. There, several armchairs can be operated with infrared hand control without any problems. A combination with a battery is not possible.

Head and neck pillows

For additional, optimal support for your head and neck. Fitform offers various head and neck pillows, which are height-adjustable by means of a counterweight and are also available in different thicknesses, dimensions and shapes. So you can easily determine the right neck / head support individually.

Kyphosis backrest

This backrest was specially developed for people with a curvature of the spine. The backrest can be adapted to the shape of the back and allows the spine to penetrate deeper. The person is sitting upright and optimally supported. The middle part of the backrest (position of the spine) is made with softer foams. People with kyphosis (curvature of the spine) can sit much more comfortably. The spine can sink in deeper. In addition, this backrest has a second kink point in addition to the top swing headrest. The backrest can be optimally adapted to the back. The use of softer foams can lead to creases and deformations of the fabric cover. An adjustable kyphosis backrest can also be supplied with a built-in lumbar support for an additional charge.

Reading lamp

This elegant reading lamp is attached to the armrest of the armchair and serves as a good source of light for the user at all times. This lamp gives you good light to read while relaxing in your armchair. The reading lamp is attached to the armrest of the chair. The LED lamp is economical, has a lifespan of approx. 100,000 hours and emits very little heat.

Mobility Kit

We have developed the mobility kit for transporting armchairs and people. With the help of the large push handle on the back of the armchair, it is easy to move. And that with little effort. Attention: this system was not developed to move people over very long distances and only works on smooth floors! The armchair has 4 wheels and a large bow handle. If this bracket is pushed down, the wheels are unbraked and the armchair can be rolled. If the bracket is released, the wheels are braked again. This guarantees the highest level of security.

RCPM Seating system

Many adults experience occasional back pain, with the most severe pain occurring while sitting. When moving, such as walking or cycling, the symptoms are often much less severe. At home, it is much more difficult to combine passivity in sitting and benefits for the back through movement. Fitform is the first in the Netherlands to have succeeded in equipping its armchairs with a technology that enables this combination: RCPM.

Self-braking roller system

This allows the armchair to be moved over smaller distances. A Fitform armchair with castors can be moved unloaded (without anyone sitting in it). You can move your armchair on a smooth floor. The rollers are self-braking so that there can be no accidents. With the help of a small lever (behind the zipper on the back of the armchair) you can establish the ground contact of the castors. The front castors are visible and a third swivel castor on the rear makes contact with the ground. Because the castors are barely visible, the shape of the armchair is optimally preserved. (Fig. 500 series with swivel castor)

Self-braking roller system

Depending on your wishes or the clinical picture, the backrests can be constructed from different materials. e.g. cold foam, visco foam, latex and much more. In order to achieve optimal and individual back support, Fitform offers various adjustment options for the backrest. For people who need better lateral support, we offer special shell-shaped backrests. For people who suffer from severe spinal curvature, we offer special kyphosis backrests. For people who need very individual back support, our ILP backrest is highly recommended

Smart operation

Smart offers four different "custom" movement options tailored to the needs and desires of the user. We call these user profiles. The user himself, a nurse or a healthcare professional can preset the most suitable user profile. The armchair "remembers" this so that the user is not surprised by unexpected movements. Smart has a user-friendly hand control with just a few buttons. This ensures that users with limited cognitive abilities can operate the chair themselves. Smart offers a lock function. In this locked position, the armchair cannot be adjusted. From a security point of view, this can be quite desirable in certain situations. The hand control The smart hand control has three buttons: Top left: Button for getting up / Top right: Button for relaxing and resting position / Bottom: One of the buttons for locking and unlocking the armchair.

Transparent tray

Das speziell für den Fitform Pflegesessel entwickelte Tablett ermöglicht es optimal in dem Sessel zu essen, arbeiten oder zu lesen.

Das speziell für den Fitform Sessel der Serie Vario entwickelte Tablett, ermöglicht es optimal in dem Sessel zu essen, arbeiten oder zu lesen.

Das Tablett besteht aus einem transparenten Marerial und wird einfach über die Armlehnen des Sessels geschoben. Da es nicht fest mit dem Sessel verbunden ist, besteht auch bei Nutzung der Kippfunktionen keine Beschädigungs-Gefahr.

Mit Hilfe der optionalen Hängevorrichtung kann das Tablett vernünftig am Seitenteil des Sessels aufgehängt werden und ist stets griffbereit.

Topline version

A Fitform armchair in the topline version offers optimal comfort and a wonderfully luxurious feeling. This option combines four functions: Comfortable heating in the back and seat An electrically adjustable headrest An electrically adjustable lumbar support The memory function: with the help of memory buttons on the special hand control, 2 chair positions can be saved.

Extended legrest

For people who also want to put their feet down with support, we offer the option of an additionally extended leg support. The leg support of a properly adequate Fitform armchair is long enough to fully support the lower legs. In certain cases, however, additional support for the feet is desired. For this we offer the option of an additionally extended leg support. The extended legrest is not visible in the normal position of the armchair. This option is supplied in Stamskin (black plastic cover) as standard. A version for the armchair is possible for a surcharge. When the legrest is extended, an approx. 8 cm extension extends automatically. It is placed in such a way that the legs / feet are not overstretched.

Different seats

Softer and harder seats; Depending on your body weight and build, we offer differently structured seating areas Anti-decubitus seats; Depending on your body weight and your current life situation, we also offer solutions with viscoelastic foams or Intelli-Gel. To prevent the formation of pressure sores, viscoelastic foams are easily adaptable. Intelli-Gel can be used very well if there is slight formation of pressure sores (grade 2). Intelli-Gel has a soft, elastic honeycomb structure with unique pressure-relieving properties. Recent research by the University of Georgia Rahabilitation Engineering and Applied Research Lab (REAR) has shown that Intelli-Gel provides "significantly good pressure relief". Application-oriented research by the English "Tissue Viability Consultancy Services Ltd" has shown that the situation of all subjects was significantly improved within 14 days. In addition, the test subjects were able to sit comfortably in a straight, symmetrical posture for much longer. We recommend armchairs that are to be equipped with an Intelli-Gel seat surface with special cover fabrics (e.g. uniform or Sarkotex). These very elastic fabrics promote the pressure-relieving properties and reduce possible wrinkling of the cover. We also offer this technology as a transportable Intelli-Gel seat cushion. Perfect seating comfort in the car, on garden furniture and when traveling. Your seat specialist will be happy to advise you!