fitForm Health Care 570 Grande

fitform 570 Vario Grande

Extra wide care armchair, a standing chair XL for people with diseases such as obesity. That is why Fitform produces armchairs in all shapes and sizes. Especially for people with a size more. The Fitform 570 Vario Grande is an extra wide nursing chair and standing chair. Of course, this extra wide standing chair is size-adapted. The various options and accessories ensure that this comfortable XL armchair offers a suitable solution for every seating problem. With the Fitform 570 Vario Grande you can choose from the following seat widths: 63, 69, 75 and 87 centimeters. We measure your personal size for this. The body dimensions are also measured precisely to adjust the seat depth, seat height, armrest height, backrest height and lumbar support. In this way we can make an armchair that fits your body perfectly.

Extra robust chair

The Fitform 570 Vario Grande was specially developed for people who need a stable, extra-wide standing chair. Due to the weight mechanism, the armchair is suitable for a body weight of up to 225 kg. With the Vario Grande, all seating positions of a "normal" Fitform 570 Vario care chair are also available: sit upright, relax (in the tilted position) and lying down (in the resting position).

Standing chair function

The care chair can also be used as a standing chair. The standing lift lifts the user out of the chair, so to speak, and makes it much easier to get up. This can be done with a separate button. The stand-up function, in combination with the other facilities of the care chair, ensures that someone is less dependent on social workers and carers. This contributes to a (longer) independent life at home.

Extra strong leg support

Also standard: the legrest. This can be folded out at the push of a button, lifting your legs off the floor. Tired legs can then relax well. Many users of an extra wide seat need an extra strong leg support. That is why the Vario Grande is equipped with a so-called heavy-duty leg support that can weigh up to 60 kg. can wear. A solution for people who are overweight or who have a condition that causes heavy legs, such as edema.

Upholstery for nursing chairs extra wide

As a standard, this care chair and the standing chair are made of the comfortable "Divine" fabric. Suitable alternative types of coverage are available for incontinence.

Solution to seating problems

Fitform offers suitable solutions for specific seating problems. Is more support needed from the poor? Then we make a widened armrest. Does anyone have a hip or knee problem? To do this, we can mount an arthrodesis seat in the chair. Does anyone have a back problem? Various adjustments are possible. Does a wheelchair user just want to switch to a normal chair? A Fitform 570 Vario Grande can be equipped with a swiveling side panel. These are just some examples. We would be happy to inform you about all the possibilities. Would you like to orientate yourself in peace? Then order the free brochure for the Fitform 570 Vario care chair. You will get it quickly! Due to the special dimensions of the extra wide armchair, not all combinations of options and accessories are possible. Your seat specialist can advise you on this.