Seat problem solution:

Arthrodesis Seat - Backrest

Materials for the Backrest

The backrests of the Fitform armchairs in the care collection are made with molded foam as standard. This foam quality is very resilient, dimensionally stable and durable and also feels firm but comfortable. You can also choose from other, softer materials such as latex or visco-elastic foam. Materials on armrests and / or leg rests. For people who are very sensitive to pain under the arms or legs, softer and / or pressure-relieving materials can be used. Depending on the individual requirements, you can choose from special covers. For example, with Stamskin or Silvertex, a waterproof cover is offered especially for incontinence use. It is antibacterial, easy to care for and particularly suitable for rooms with high hygiene requirements. The Niroxx cover can also be used for incontinence. This is water-repellent, mold-resistant and antibacterial coated, but conveys the homely feeling of a conventional microfibre cover. Uniform Melange is an elastic cover material that can be stretched in both directions and is particularly suitable for individual adjustments in the seat and backrest area. Sarkotex is an elastic plastic cover that is stretchable, waterproof and air-permeable. All of these covers are of course flame retardant and meet the relevant legal requirements.

Options Fitform 560/570/574 Vario Backrest with Sartkotex cover (blue, gray, red or black)

Sarkotex is a two-way elastic material, which does not affect the effect of the underlying materials. Sarkotex is urine-resistant, waterproof, breathable, flame-retardant and washable up to 70 degrees. It is very hard-wearing and ideal for maximum effectiveness, e.g. for kyphosis backrests.

Backrest with seat angle 90 degrees

Here, the backrest is brought into a different starting angle than the standard approx. 100 degrees. Depending on the seat depth of the chair, the seat angle can be adjusted to various starting positions. The range of motion of the motor remains the same, which means that the backrest can be moved more forwards and less backwards when adjusted. To find out whether the seat angle you want (other than 90 degrees) is possible, the best thing to do is to get in touch with our sales department.

Backrest height 72 cm

The standard backrest height is 84 cm (measured from the seat). When ordering a lower backrest (72 cm), the articulated headrest (top swing) moves accordingly. (When ordering a 561/571/574 Mini Vario with a seat width of 45 cm, the low backrest with 72 cm is delivered as standard at no extra charge.

Backrest height 94 cm / 104 cm

The standard backrest height is 84 cm (measured from the seat). When ordering a higher backrest (94 cm or 104 cm), the foldable headrest (top swing) moves accordingly.

Arthrodesis Seat

The arthrodesis seat is especially recommended for people with a leg amputation (prosthesis) or a hip / knee brace. This divided seat can be made adjustable on the left, right or on both sides. When the footrest is extended, the respective height can be adjusted on the underside of the seat (area approx. 8 cm). In combination with the adjustable backrest, the right seat angle can be conveniently provided. When the footrest is extended, the seat comes up automatically for good leg support. With the help of the back adjustment, the desired seat angle can be set at any time. A special seat is made for each seat depth. The fixed (not adjustable) area always has a depth of 12 cm. With this option, the legrest has an intermediate part.